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The Gilbert sidestep rugby boot, a time honoured classic, trusted by so many before you. Unlike many other boots on the market, all Gilbert boots have been developed for rugby, so you know you can trust they will stand up to the rigours of a rugby season and all that is thrown at them. Our sidestep model is that favourite brother, uncle or cousin you have, the one you can rely on.

Perfect for Junior rugby players looking for a classic looking rugby boot, the latest Gilbert sidestep is now available in a moulded outsole. Moulded boots are traditionally used during warmer months as they offer better grip than ‘astro’ style trainers, slipper like comfort and can be worn on hard ground, firm ground or artificial pitches.

A durable rugby boot with classic design, the latest sidestep boot, VX 10, goes right back to its roots. Available in classic Black and White or a modernised White/Black/Blue, we have kept the same trusted outsole – available again in an 8 stud (adult) for soft ground conditions, MSX Moulded for hard ground or firm pitch conditions and 6 stud for junior rugby players.

Inside the boot, we have introduced a rigid TPU board for improved power transfer with an added flex point in the forefoot. We have kept the preformed EVA footbed which offers the cushioning you need, for comfort when you need it. The footbed is also completely removable to make way for personalised insoles, if required.

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