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Rugby was played at the Antwerp Olympic games in 1920 and the Paris games in 1924. On both occasions the United States won the gold medal. For the 1924 games the USA Olympic rugby team arrived in Paris, via England on 27 April 1924, after a 6,000 mile journey by train, bus, ship, and ferry from Oakland, California.


An Introduction to USA Rugby Union Shirt

Produced by Ellis Rugby, USA Rugby Union Shirt Vintage Style is the finest shirt. In 1874 the first recorded rugby match staged between McGill University from Montreal, Canada and Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The teams played two matches. The first match played under Harvard’s “Boston rules” and the second adopting the rugby-style game.

In the first match, they used a round style ball. But in the second, McGill used a bladder covered by leather. The bladder was much better to handle and much more difficult to kick. The game ended in a scoreless tie and held over three periods.

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Rugby grew in the early 1900s. And it was thought it would have the potential to challenge American football. Rugby’s growth was also due to the perception that American football was becoming a violent sport.

At the bequest of Pierre de Coubertin, Rugby Union included the 1920 Summer Olympics in Antwerp, Belgium. France and the USA received invitations to compete. The USA Rugby team formed from students at Stanford, Santa Clara and California. Some of the USA Rugby squad had Rugby Union experience. But many made up of American football players.

The French team had much more experience with great chances to win. However, the USA Rugby team surprised everyone when defeating the France Rugby team by eight points to nil.

Joseph Hunter scored a try and Dink Templeton kicked the conversion and a goal. As well as a fine rugby player and American Footballer, Templeton was excellent at Track and Field. He would have been in contention for a Gold Medal in the high jump, but unfortunately his style the ‘Western roll’ was considered illegal in Europe. Instead, he competed in the Long jump finishing just out of the medals in fourth.


Manufactured from satin touch 100% cotton, the USA Rugby Union Shirt features detailed embroidery on the crest wings with US Stars & Stripes shield as an applique patch. Also, it matches inner placket, cuffs and collar, herringbone detail on vents and velvet tape on the neck opening. In addition, a complex ‘1’ applique patch on the back with the subtle Ellis Rugby branding on the collar stand and tone on tone logo on the arm.

As well as the USA Rugby Union Shirt in Navy, we also offer a USA Rugby Union Shirt in Ecru and Polo and T-Shirt.

The available sizes are S – XL.

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